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Amish Cabinet Wood Species

Our Amish Living room, Dining room, Bathroom and Kitchen furniture and cabinets come in a variety of wood species types such as Oak, Maple, Walnut, Birch, Cherry and Hickory.

Quarter Sawn White OakIrregular markings or flakes are a result of logs cut in a special way, along with its amazing strength & firm texture. Quarter Sawn White Oak is a top choice which stains well.

Walnut - Walnut comes in two different types : English Walnut and Black Walnut. The grain is generally straight but becomes wavy towards the crown of the tree. The color of walnut can vary dramatically from light to a very dark brown.

Hard MapleThis wood species is light in color and mellows to a beautiful golden tone over time. Occasionally flecked with naturally occurring black mineral deposits. Maple is an excellent choice for strong, durable furniture. As this wood species can stain unevenly, a clear coat stain is recommended.

Soft MapleThe wood of Soft Maple is primarily silver and red maple. It resembles that of hard maple but is not as heavy, hard or strong. Soft maple is still a very durable wood. Light in color, soft maple often times has a light grey, pinkish cast. This wood species stains well, but sometimes unevenly.

Brown Soft MapleThis wood species comes from the same logs as regular soft maple but is the darker heartwood. This wood can be a smart choice for darker staining or painting and glazing.

CherryA favourite and for good reasons. Cherry has many interesting characteristics. Aging to a rich reddish brown color over time and often peppered wih exotic black streaks and swirling grain.

BeechAmerican Beech is a species to eastern North America. The wood wears well and holds a polish, and it bends readily when steamed. Care is needed in gluing, but the wood finishes well with paint or transparent finishes.American Beech scores 1300 on the Janka hardness scale.

Hickory - Hickory wood is a very hard and dense wood species. There are stronger and harder woods than Hickory but the combination of strength, toughness and hardness will not be found in any other wood type. For this reason, the grain and durability of this wood, makes it an excellent source for cabinetry.

Red Oak - Oak has a strong, heavy look and the look isn't deceiving. When finished in a natural stain, it will have a pale blonde reddish cast, which over time, will oxidize to a golden honey color. A wood species that is a great choice for staining.